The Raven, The Pigeon and the Parakeet

R, P & P Case

Credit - Tom Boase 2020


Credit - Tom Boase 2020

Produced in partnership with Little Angel Theatre, London.

This piece explored acceptance, inclusion and found family through the eyes of three different birds, each with their own story to tell.

My roles on the show were Technical Manager, performer and stagehand.

With three separate environments and a flock of birds to design, build and dress, it took many hours of dedicated making by us all to deliver this beautiful show.


Credit - Tom Boase 2020


Credit - Tom Boase 2020

Each bird had two versions: static and flying.

With different control mechanisms for each type.

The full show was stored within the case, always amazing the audiences as each new scene arrived!

Designed and built at Guildhall School and Little Angel studios, it toured for 15 exciting shows around schools and community venues across north London and was well received wherever it went.


Credit - Emma Gabola 2020

Credit - Gwen Chen 2020