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Originally from the Welsh border town of Monmouth, I took a keen interest in the technical aspects of music and theatre from a young age. I studied digital music creation and production for six years, first in Hereford before moving to Bristol for my undergraduate degree.


It’s in Bristol that my first fore’s into lighting took place, helping out with university productions and from there the wider Am-Dram community in Bristol, working in build, LX fit-up and stage management. After graduating in 2016, I took a job running a school theatre near the coastal town of Weston-Super-Mare. While there I lit predominantly Dance and Musical Theatre and also learnt to the day to day running of theatrical spaces.  


I moved to a private school in the heart of Bristol in 2017, Taking over as the senior theatre technician at the school’s theatre. It is this position that I can attribute much of my drive to becoming a lighting designer.

Here, given free reign of technical resources and working highly skilled teaching staff and student actors, I began to really pick over the finer points of design for theatre. Producing lighting, sound and stage designs for dozens of exam performances as well as larger full school productions. Here I became attuned to my style of design and comfortable to express myself through these mediums, developing my collaboration with the creative teams in the process.


Alongside my three years of educational engagement, I continued to pursue my freelance lighting career, working with many of Bristol and South Gloucester’s finest amateur companies. During this time, I was fortunate enough to win two regional awards (Rose Bowl) for my part in lighting productions of Starlight Express in 2017 and Private Peaceful in 2018. My lighting of many other performances has been well reviewed by local awarding bodies in their write-ups of productions.


I have just finished a Masters degree in Collaborative Theatre, Production & Design at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Delivered at the state-of-the-art Milton Court facility on the Barbican Estate, this program has brought together a strong team of early career practitioners to form a production and design team that has delivered four major shows over the year. My part in this team has been as the lighting designer for our first studio performance; The Hours and our circus piece; Contact. As technical manager and actor on the tour of our puppetry show; The Raven, The Pigeon and the Parakeet. And lastly as Lighting Advisor and UX Designer for our final piece A Doesn't Live Here Anymore.


Credit - Tom Boase 2020

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